The Bridgethorpe Brides

While the sons of the Earl of Bridgethorpe have business and horses on their minds, his daughters are coming of age and have London Seasons on their minds. Bridgethorpe was known for his quality racers until his prized stud was stolen. The eldest, Adam Lumley, Viscount Knightwick,has taken over the management of the family estates due to the illness of the earl, and David runs the family stud, when he’s not investigating the disappearance of his father’s horse.

The eldest daughter, Lady Hannah, looks forward to another Season filled with doting beaux, and like her brothers, finds love in unexpected places. Her sisters, twins Lady Patience and Lady Madeleine can’t wait for their turn in London.

The younger sons can’t be left out, and Trey and Sam have their turns at being blindsided by a beautiful young miss. Nor can we ignore cousins Neil and Stephen, who find love by simply being in the proximity of the earl’s household.

And lastly we’ll follow the baby of the family, Lady Lucy-Anne, who is determined to find love her own way.

The titles in the Bridgethorpe Brides series haven’t always been released chronologically, so here are the stories by the date the story is set, for those of you who don’t want spoilers.

His Impassioned Proposal (1809)
The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley (1810)
Charming the Vicar’s Daughter (1811)
Her Impetuous Rakehell (1812)
One Last Season (1813)
Captivated by the Wallflower (1813)
Chasing Lord Mystery (1814) (extended family)
Captain Lumley’s Angel (1815)
The Duke’s Christmas Kiss (1816)

His Impassioned Proposal


The wounded hero comes home.

Six years she has waited for the man she hopes to marry to return from war and propose to her. When he finally does, he is so far in his cups as to not remember the event the next morning!

Miss Jane Marwick can’t decide if she has wasted her heart on the wrong man or if he just needs some time to recover from too many life-changing events.

Stephen Lumley isn’t sure he’s capable of being a good husband to any woman, but he only has a few months to convince himself and Jane he is worthy of her love, or she’ll be off to London to find a man who is.

He’s not certain what his future will bring, only that he needs Jane in it.


The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley


David Lumley searches for answers in the disappearance of a prized horse, but must fight his attraction for the sister of the man he suspects.

David’s plan for revenge didn’t involve courtship or heartbreak.

Stubborn. Hard-headed. Single-minded. Those qualities are what make David Lumley a successful horse breeder. When he puts those qualities to work befriending Lady Joanna Hurst with less than noble intentions, he’s tenacious in his pursuit.

Lady Joanna falls fast and hard for the handsome, witty and charming Mr. Lumley after her brother’s ultimatum to find a husband by the end of the Season. He is everything she imagined a husband could be, and more. Blissfully unaware of the conflict between their fathers, she believes he’ll declare his love soon. Then she overhears a conversation between Mr. Lumley and her brother, and all of Mr. Lumley’s tenacity will be needed if he’s to win back her heart.


Charming the Vicar’s Daughter


Lumley cousin Neil Harrow’s journey to obtain a matched pair of horses for his new curricle takes a wrong turn when he comes to the aid of the vicar’s daughter, Rebecca Cookson.

What’s a gentleman to do when the local Widows’ League insists on a marriage over a simple misunderstanding? How does he honor his family name without damaging that of a vicar’s daughter? For Neil Harrow, the journey to obtain a matched pair of horses for his new curricle has taken a wrong turn. While his uncle is not insisting Neil marry Rebecca Cookson, in his heart he knows it’s the thing to do.

Rebecca wants nothing to do with the popinjay who came to her aid, no matter how the situation appeared. The meddling old widows are a formidable opponent, but Rebecca will do everything in her power to avoid such an ill-suited match. As charming Mr. Harrow might be, Rebecca is determined to only marry a man she can love with all her heart.


Her Impetuous Rakehell


Laurence Pierce never wanted a wife or children. He preferred his freedom and his bachelor’s rooms in London. Then his cousin, Lord Oakhurst, dies, making Laurence guardian of a three-year-old girl. He knows nothing about children, and even less about girls. In desperation, he turns to the only lady friend he’s never seduced and begs for help.

Lady Hannah Lumley know Laurence for exactly what he is, since he’s been her brother’s closest friend for as long as she can remember. He’s the last man she could imagine as a father, and the very last man her brother would consider letting her marry. Yet one little kiss leaves her unable to think of anything but the new Baron Oakhurst. Now her Season has taken a twist she never expected. How can the nice young lords and gentlemen in London ever compare to this Impetuous Rakehell?


One Last Season


When Hugh “Trey” Lumley and Amelia Young first met, she was less than impressed. He has loved her from afar ever since, even after she married another man.

Now widowed, Amelia is told by her father to find a husband‑one wealthy enough to pay for seasons for Amelia’s two younger sisters.

It’s too late for Trey to be her first love, but he hopes to be her last. His position as a clerk to his barrister uncle means he doesn’t stand a chance. He’s no longer the meek man willing to stand by and let Amelia fall for someone else. He will find a way to convince Amelia and her father that he’s the only man for her.


Captivated by the Wallflower

Lord Knightwick’s scheme goes horribly awry when his conscience becomes involved.

Adam Lumley, Viscount Knightwick, desperately wants the breed one of his mares to a stallion owned by the Earl of Huntfield. Huntfield sees no reason to improve the stock of his competition and repeatedly turns down whatever sum Knightwick offers.

After giving up hope his wallflower daughter will ever find a husband, Lord Huntfield settles on a deal: if Knightwick can turn Lady Susan into a diamond of the Season, Knightwick can breed his mare as he wishes.

Lady Susan Yarwood truly enjoys London assemblies. Where else can she find so many potential sponsors for the school she wishes to establish for the poor children in Huntfield? With her father threatening this will be her final London Season, she must work quickly to secure the funding she needs. The last thing she needs is the interference of the handsome, flirtatious Lord Knightwick who continually draws her away from the matrons she seeks donations from. She will succeed in founding her school, no matter who stands in her way.


Captain Lumley’s Angel

Captain Samuel Lumley is proud to follow in his cousin Stephen’s footsteps and serve king and country in the cavalry. Wounded in the Battle of Waterloo, he is cared for by an angel in the form of his lieutenant’s wife. A promise to his dying comrade leaves Sam with the responsibility of seeing to the safety of the lieutenant’s widow, Mrs. Ellen Staverton.

Upon their return to England, Ellen finds herself homeless and in need of employment. When Sam’s mother offers her a temporary home with the family, Ellen quickly grows too fond of them and Sam in particular. She must find a position before she falls for him, which would dishonor the memory of her dead husband.

Night terrors of the slaughters he survived have left Sam an empty husk of a man. He has little to offer a woman beyond his name and income so he won’t think of marriage, but the only joy in his life is the laughter of his angel, Ellen. Can he heal his inner wounds before she is gone from his life completely?