Regency Tales

The Wentworth family and friend Malcolm Lennox find love in London and Scotland.

Once Upon a Happenstance

The collected novellas shown below, with the bonus short story of Lady Edith and Sir Edward’s love, One True Wish.

Masquerading as a Miss

Tossed upon a beach after a storm at sea, Colin Wentworth, Viscount Spalding, awakens next to a mysterious young lady on the sandy shore. She’s unable to tell him anything more than her name, Cassandra Franklin. As Spalding strives to help her find her family, he loses his heart to her. His family objects—the heir to the earldom can’t marry a woman who could be illegitimate, for all anyone knows. Cassandra’s family secret is much worse than she fears, and she’s afraid to lose him by revealing the truth. Is Spalding’s love strong enough to face the truth?

Rescuing Lord Ravenscliffe

A lady in need of adventure finds a lord who’s fighting for his life. Passion meets peril in Regency England.

Desperately bored, Lady Agnes Wentworth drags her sister Lady Matilda off to the wilds of Scotland. When she discovers a mysterious, cold, injured man, she believes her need has been met. But then she discovers a new kind of need—equally desperate, but much more dangerous.

Battling the distraction of the Lady Agnes’s tempestuous kisses, Ewan Hardie, Lord Ravenscliffe, must find a way to save his brother and defeat their scheming uncle. Only then can he take back what is rightfully his.

His Elusive Nightingale

The Duke of Killiekrankie extends an invitation to Senorita Jimena Abreu-Cuevas to sing for his pleasure. A reward of £200 will be given to the man who discovers her whereabouts and escorts her to Killiekrankie.

When Malcolm Lennox, part time magistrate and amateur sleuth, sees the duke’s outrageous offer, he seeks out Kitty Fairfax, the singer’s maid, to accomplish the challenge.

Kitty is hesitant to join Mr. Lennox in his search, but when her mother hears of the reward, she insists she go along, to provide for her family. Their adventure offers a distraction from daily life, but with each day that passes she realizes how empty her life would be when he returned to Scotland.

Little does Malcolm know what intrigue lies ahead, and the damage a few tender nights with a maid will do to his heart. Will he succeed in bringing the songstress to the duke, and will his reward be worth the cost?