Kissed by a Scoundrel

Bored with yet another London Season, Lady Lavinia Gordon and her friends challenge each other to steal a kiss from a select number of rogues. They decide to choose among the friends of Lavinia’s brother, the Miscreant Marquess.

Leo, Viscount Ringley is once again in debt and dodging those to whom he owes money, most specifically the Miscreant Marquess. Certain the marquess has involved his sister in the ploy to get him to pay—for why else would Lady Lavinia be following Ringley’s every move—he scrambles to find the money to cover his bets.

When word gets out Ringley has kissed Lavinia, he’s on the run for a whole new reason. What scares him most—and what he’ll never outrun—is the longing a single kiss has awakened, and the way it threatens his entire being. If he can convince her to give him a chance at love, how will he ever overcome his past and gain her father’s approval?