The Bridgethorpe Brides Books 5-8

The Bridgethorpe Brides Books 5-8

This collection of four novellas continue the series featuring the offspring of the Earl of Bridgethorpe.

One Last Season

When Hugh “Trey” Lumley and Amelia Young first met, she was less than impressed. He has loved her from afar ever since, even after she married another man.

Captivated by the Wallflower

Adam Lumley, Viscount Knightwick, desperately wants o breed one of his mares to a stallion owned by the Earl of Huntfield. Huntfield settles on a deal: if Knightwick can turn his daughter, Lady Susan, into a diamond of the Season, Knightwick can breed his mare as he wishes.

Chasing Lord Mystery

(A Danby crossover featuring the elder brother of Lady Joanna in The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley)

Lord Northcotte is not in the holiday spirit when he joins his sister’s family shortly after the brutal death of a friend. Discovering a matchmaking scheme is afoot, he tells them he will never marry Lady Miriam or any other woman. Now if only his heart would listen.

Captain Lumley’s Angel

A promise to his dying comrade leaves Captain Sam Lumley with the responsibility of seeing to the safety of the lieutenant’s widow, Mrs. Ellen Staverton. When Sam’s mother offers her a temporary home with the family, Ellen quickly grows too fond of them and Sam in particular. She must find a position before she falls for him, which would dishonor the memory of her dead husband.